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Welcome to The Visual Extreme.

This is a new online graphics community.
We are mostly based around digital art (2D or 3D), but traditional art is also welcome.

As of now, we are open only to those who feel brave enough to show us some of your work first. However, don't let this get you discouraged. We are just looking to see that you have potential. You will not be rejected unless you really shouldn't be doing art in the first place (Not many people are this bad.) :-)

I must set a few ground rules. Not to be cruel, but to keep some kind of sanity here.

1) If you are posting an image bigger than 500 pixels wide, please put it behind an lj cut tag.

2) If you are posting more than one image, add an lj cut tag after the first image (Unless the first image applies to rule number 1).

3) Feel free to give both positive and constructive criticism. Negative criticism will be frowed upon, and if it is severe enough, or becomes a frequent problem, you will be banned.

4) If you find that an image you want to post could be offensive to some members (i.e. race, sexual preference, nudity), please put it behind a cut tag, and state what may be found offensive somewhere in your post.

If you fail to obey any of these rules, a decision will be made by the owner of the community, and you will either be warned, or thrown out.

I give the right to myself to add or remove rules as I see fit, but will give proper notification of these rules.

I will try to be as fair as possibly, and please, enjoy your stay at The Visual Extreme.
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